2023-11-19 Sun
¥3,000(1d incl.)

オーストリアより来日中のPost-Industrial Drone/AmbientのアーティストYbalferranと、Sound Designer/New Media ArtistのDaphne Xによる、一晩限りのスペシャルライブショーケースが決定。

Hurt by the Sunを主宰するYbalferranは、ベルリンのVaagnerやTrust Collectiveといったレーベルからもリリースを重ねており、今年2月には最新作"Karadi"をリリースしたばかり。Daphne Xは、音楽制作のみに留まらず、キュレーターとしても活躍しており、Bandcamp DailyやThe Wireといったメディアにも取り上げられるなど、その楽曲も注目を集めている。

この2組の記念すべき初来日を彩る、4組のDJがローカルからラインナップされた。Post-ClassicalからExperimental等、幅広いジャンルのVinylをプレイしながら音楽鑑賞の辺境を探るtomo takashima、DJユニットOle Lukøeとしても活動し、AmbientからTecnoに至るまで、電子音楽の機微に触れながらもその間を縦横無尽に漂うyuha、GorgeやDeconstructed Clubを軸に、トラックメイクも行うwetssid、Bass Musicを筆頭にTechnoやDubをミックスするArow。

この6組と共に、新宿御苑前に位置するSPACE TOKYOにて週末最後の夜を演出する。初冬の澄んだ空気を吸い込んで深い音の波に揺られることは、きっと貴方にとって特別な時間になることだろう。

A special one-night-only live showcase will be held by Post-Industrial Drone/Ambient artist Ybalferran and Sound Designer/New Media Artist Daphne X, from Austria.

Ybalferran, who runs Hurt by the Sun, has also released on labels such as Berlin's Vaagner and Trust Collective, and just released his latest work, "Karadi", in February of this year.

Daphne X is not only a music producer, she is also active as a curator, and her songs are also attracting attention, having been featured in media such as Bandcamp Daily and The Wire.

A lineup of four local DJs was added to the memorable first visit to Japan of these two groups. Tomo Takashima explores the frontiers of music appreciation by playing vinyl in a wide range of genres, from Post-Classical to Experimental, and is also active as a DJ unit Ole Lukøe, touching on the subtleties of electronic music from Ambient to Tecno, while exploring the in between. Focusing on Yuha, Gorge and Deconstructed Club, which are floating around in all directions, wetssid also creates tracks, and Arow mixes Techno and Dub with Bass Music at the forefront.

Together with these six groups, they will perform the last night of the weekend at SPACE TOKYO located in front of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Breathing in the clear air of early winter and being swayed by deep sound waves will surely be a special time for you.